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Resources for Global Titles

This is a library guide for resources in global languages at Rolfing Library.

TIU Chinese Language Collection

Language and Culture Education

  • Chinese Distance Learning Units & Pacing Guides

  • Chinese Text Project

    The Chinese Text Project (CTP) provides searchable ancient Chinese texts in the original and English translation. The CTP’s work centers around the digital humanities applied to the languages and literature of pre-modern China.

    Users can browse texts by religious tradition (e.g., Confucianism), type (e.g., Histories), or time period (e.g., Pre-Qin and Han, and Post-Han). Features include an integrated dictionary, which provides a detailed critical apparatus. Users can follow links to see quoted text in context, search the site for all occurrences of a term, or see lists of equivalent usages. The Published Resources Database includes bibliographies of scholarship and publications associated with each text or class of texts.


  • EricData Chinese 高等教育知識庫(中文資料庫) 身處於二十一世紀知識經濟與數位化的時代,藉此知識庫得以與國際接軌、傳遞浩瀚知識與分享知識,進而探索更具前瞻性的新領域以追求學術的遠見與卓越化。 本知識庫所收錄之文獻資料橫跨兩岸三地,包含台灣及大陸教育類期刊,極具參考和研究價值;簡繁體共容,並能同步對轉,兩岸文獻皆可輕鬆查閱,並存於網頁。
  • Taiwan National Library of Theses and Dissertations contains dissertations completed in Taiwan. The content is open access and downloadable. Most of the content is in Chinese.


1. Free online search engines

2. E-version of Chinese Dictionaries

3. Chinese-English Dictionary