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Circulation Application

If there are no advertised positions, you may fill out a Circulation application, which will be kept on file. Please fill out the application below and email it as an attachment to Brett Mitchell at

Circulation Assistant

The Circulation Department is hiring for the fall semester!

  • Must be willing to work through 2020-2021 school year
  • 8-12 hours per week (more possible depending on availability)
  • Must be a current TIU, TGS or TEDS student
  • Flexible work schedule required
  • Work study eligibility preferred

See the attached job description for more details.

Please fill out attached application and email it to If you have any questions, contact Brett Mitchell at or 847-317-4006.

Collection Management Assistant

The Technical Services Department is hiring!

The Collection Management Assistant is responsible for maintaining the upkeep of our library’s physical and electronic collections, including ordering, cataloging, physical processing, and preservation. Ideal candidates for this position are self-starters with an eye for detail, an interest in library logistics, and the ability to work on multiple projects simultaneously.

Job Duties:

  • Preparing materials for library circulation:
    • Ordering and invoicing materials selected by library liaisons
    • Receiving materials into Rolfing’s collections
    • Adding/maintaining Rolfing’s catalog records
    • Physically processing materials
  • Maintaining Rolfing’s collections
    • Cleaning/mending damaged books
    • Fixing cataloging/processing problems in materials (as identified by library staff)
    • Reclassifying/reorganizing materials (as needed)
    • Maintaining Rolfing’s collections-based accounting ledgers
  • Highlighting library holdings through book displays
  • Other duties (as assigned)


  • Current TIU student with at least 1½ years until graduation
  • Keen attention to detail and adept problem-solving skills
  • Computer literacy
  • Federal Work Study eligibility & acceptance

See full job description below for more details.

Please send resume and application to Jodi Craiglow (, or contact Jodi with questions at 847-317-4020. Review of applications will begin immediately.

Work-Study Information

All part-time positions in the Rolfing Library are Work-Study preferred (some may be required).

The Federal Work-Study Program, FWS, provides a method for students to earn funds that are used toward their education. The program is based on financial need and students must be accepted into the program to qualify.

In order to qualify for the Federal Work Study Program students must apply for federal assistance through the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) program.

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid is open to all students who have need. The program will determine if students qualify and how much money they will receive. The FWS program is administered through the student's school. Each school has a different amount of funds available to give out for the program.[5]

Generally, International or foreign students do not qualify for the Federal Work-Study program.

Students must be one of the following to receive federal student aid:

  • U.S. citizen
  • U.S. national (includes natives of American Samoa or Swains Island)
  • U.S. permanent resident who has an I-151, I-551, or I-551C (Permanent Resident Card).

If students are not in one of these categories, they must have an Arrival-Departure Record (I-94) from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) showing one of the following designations:

  • Refugee
  • Asylum Granted
  • Cuban-Haitian Entrant, Status Pending
  • Conditional Entrant (valid only if issued before April 1, 1980)
  • Victims of human trafficking, T-visa holder or child of a T-1 visa holder.
  • Parolee: Students must be paroled into the United States for at least one year and must be able to provide evidence from the USCIS that they are in the United States for other than a temporary purpose and that they intend to become a U.S. citizen or permanent resident.