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Library Policies

Policies and Information for the Rolfing Library at TIU

I-Share Libraries

You may use your TIU ID card to visit and check-out books at over 80 academic libraries in Illinois. Check with the library before visiting to verify open hours and availability of resources.

List of I-Share libraries

Map of I-Share libraries

Atla Libraries

A number of theological libraries across the U.S. will allow TIU students to check-out books.

When you go to the library, show proof of enrollment at TIU (such as your student ID card or bill statement).

List of participating libraries (Map view, click on book icon for school information)

Public Libraries

If you live on campus, you may sign up for a card at the Vernon Area Public Library. Bring your TIU ID card​ and proof that you live on campus (such  as a bill for your dorm fees or a utility bill).

If you live off-campus, sign up for a card at your local public library.

Once you have a Vernon Area card or other local library card, you may register that card at other public libraries in the area. This includes the Deerfield Public Library.

Northwestern and University of Chicago

Northwestern and University of Chicago are not part of the I-Share system, and they restrict access to their libraries. You may pick up an INFOPASS at the TIU Library reference desk. The INFOPASS will allow you access for one day to one of these libraries. It does not allow you to check out books.

ACTS Cards

Association of Chicago Theological Schools (ACTS)

  • Graduate students can get an ACTS card which will allow them to check out books at local seminary libraries. [Note: Only graduate students have this privilege.]
  • See staff to get an ACTS card. Cards are good for 6 months, after which you will need to get a new card.
  • View the list of seminary libraries to search for books and get directions.

ACL Reciprocal Borrowing Program

The Association of Christian Librarians (ACL) Reciprocal Borrowing Program provides in-person borrowing privileges to users from other participating Christian libraries.

A borrower obtains a signed Authorization Form from the home library to receive borrowing privileges from a participating library. Currently employed faculty and staff and currently enrolled students in good standing are eligible.

For more information and to find participating libraries visit