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Carrel/ Shelf Application

For All Ph. D. Students and M.A./Th. M Student With Approved Thesis

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Carrel Reservation & Usage Policies

Carrel & Shelf Reservation Policy

  • Carrels are available on a first-come first-serve basis for all eligible PhD students and M.A./Th.M students with approved thesis.
  • Carrels will be assigned by a Library Services Supervisor.  
  • Carrels will be checked out through the circulation system, and will need to be renewed every semester.
  • Carrels are loaned “as is.”
  • The library is not responsible for any lost or missing item(s) in your carrel, including personal desk chairs. 
  • Two (2) violations of library carrel policy will result in the loss of carrel privileges.
  • If the carrel is seldom used, the public services staff reserves the right to ask you to relinquish the carrel.
  • Should all carrels be reserved, a waiting list will be instituted.
  • This policy will be reviewed periodically for needed revisions.

Carrel Usage Policy

  • Carrels are for work primarily and not to be used primarily for storage. For storage, please check out up to two library shelves.
  • All library books must be checked out.
  • All reference books and journals must be returned to the circulation book drop or reference reshelving cart daily. NONE may be left in carrels overnight.
  • Only covered drinks are permitted. No food allowed.
  • Coffee pots and hot pots may not be used or stored in the library.
  • Students may not bring in personal bookcases or additional storage units. Please check out a shelf if more space is needed.
  • No additional items may be stored under or around the carrels. Library books and personal items must be stored on the carrel bookshelf or the desktop. (Preferably, reserve a shelf for large quantities of books.)
  • Students may not make modifications to the carrel space to create additional privacy by affixing items to the carrels.
  • Carrels are for personal use only and are not to be “loaned” to other patrons for use.
  • Talking on cell phones at carrels is not permitted.