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TIU Buildings History

Rolfing Library

  • The library was finally completed in 1974 after five years of construction.

  • Named after James E. Rolfing (1926-1960)

    • The Rolfing family dedicated it to their son who died in a plane accident.

    • The library underwent two renovations. The first was in 1984 and the second in 1994.

    • The college library left the Lew building to merge with Rolfing in 1995.

  • Walter Kaiser Study Room:

    • Named after Walter C. Kaiser, Jr. (1933-)

  • Gleason L. Archer Archives:

    • Named after Gleason Leonard Archer, Jr. (1916-2004)

  • Carl F. Henry Resource Center:

    • The resource center was added to Rolfing Library in 1985.

    • Named after Carl Ferdinand Howard Henry (1913-2003), a theologian, founding editor of Christianity Today and adjunct professor at the divinity school for more than 20 years.