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Creating a Bibliography of All Cited Works

Zotero-generated bibliographies contain the sources you've cited in your paper. To create your bibliography, click on the "Add/Edit Bibliography" button in the Zotero toolbar.

Zotero Add/Edit Bibliography

You bibliography will be created and inserted where you've placed the cursor in your paper.

Zotero Bibliography

If you add other references to your paper later, the list will automatically update to reflect those additions.

If you need to make changes to your bibliographic records (e.g., you've discovered a misspelling, authors are out of order), go back to the Zotero app and make your changes there. (Making changes in the document will only affect this document; you don't want to have to keep changing the information every time you cite that source.) When you're done making changes, click on the "Refresh" button in the Zotero toolbar and your citations and bibliography will automatically be adjusted to reflect them.

Creating a Bibliography from Zotero Records

Sometimes you want to go beyond just what you've directly cited in your bibliography; sometimes you want to include works that have influenced you and your work indirectly. Zotero gives you multiple options by which to do that.

Create a Bibliography fromSelected Zotero Records: In Zotero, highlight the records from which you'd like to create a bibliography. Right click one of the highlighted records and select "Create Bibliography from Items."

Zotero Create Bibliography from Items

Create a Bibliography out of a Zotero Collection: In Zotero, right click on the collection from which you'd like to create a bibliography and select "Create Bibliography from Collection."

Zotero Create Bibliography from Collection

Choose the appropriate style for your document and choose "Add to Clipboard."

Zotero Citation Style

Paste the copied material into the Word document where you would like the bibliography. Entries are single spaced and indented on the left side but can be edited as needed.

Zotero Bibliography List