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Inserting Citations into Word

Make sure you have installed the Zotero connector for Microsoft Word. If so, you should see a Zotero tab on your Word toolbar.

Zotero Tab in Word

To insert a citation (either parenthetical or footnote) into the body of your paper, click "Add/Edit Citation."

The first time you add a citation to your document, a preferences screen will pop up, asking you to select the style guide. Select the appropriate style and click OK. 

NOTE: If you need to change styles after you've set your initial preferences, simply click on "Document Preferences" in the Zotero toolbar and it will bring you back to this screen.

Zotero Document Preferences

The citation will be inserted where the cursor is flashing in the document.

After you've clicked on "Add/Edit Citation," a red Zotero search bar will appear. Search for the source you will be citing by typing any identifying information you can think of for the source (e.g., author's name, title, publisher, year). A list of possible matches will automatically appear (and will be refined as you continue typing), with works you've already used in your paper appearing first. Select the correct source.

Zotero Search Bar

To refine how your chosen citation will appear in your document, click on the source name in the search bar. In the menu that pops up, you can add a page or page range, add a prefix (e.g., "cited in...") or suffix (e.g., "emphasis in original") to the citation, or suppress the author's name (e.g., if you've already mentioned it in the text).  

NOTE: Do all of your revisions to the citation here. Typing directly into the citation that's in your paper will break the link to the Zotero record, and it won't show up correctly in your reference list.

Zotero Source Information

Hit the Enter key repeatedly until you've exited the search bar. Your citation should be inserted and properly formatted.

Zotero Footnote

Citations can be edited by placing your cursor within the citation (the citation will be automatically highlighted in gray when you do) and clicking on "Add/Edit Citation" again. This will bring up the search bar once more, and then you can follow the instructions above to make aby necessary changes.

Inserting Multiple References into the Same Citation

You can add multiple sources to a single citation in the same way that you added the first. Type identifying information into the search bar, and then select the appropriate source when it pops up. Your search bar will reflect the multiple sources; click on any of them to revise the information that will be seen in the citation.

NOTE: The sources will appear in your citation in the order in which you've added them in the search bar.

Zotero Multiple Sources

Hit the Enter key repeatedly once again; the citation will reflect the sources you've chosen and information you've provided.

Zotero Multiple Source Citation