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Creating a Bibliography of All Cited Works

  • Zotero generated bibliographies contain those book, articles, etc. that were cited in the paper.
  • Click on the Insert Bibliography button in the Zotero toolbar shown below.

  • You bibliography will be created and inserted.
  • The bibliography will be inserted where the cursor is flashing.

  • If you add other references to your paper later, the list will automatically update to relect those additions.

Creating a Bibliography from Zotero Records

Bibliographies often include titles not actually cited in the paper but that the author wishes to include because of the influence they had on him or her in writing the paper. Zotero makes it possible to easily create such bibliographies.

  • Create a bibliography of select Zotero records - In Zotero highlight the records from which you wish to create a bibliography. Right click one of the highlighted records; and select Create Bibliography from Items.

  • Or, create a bibliography of a Zotero collection - In Zotero right click on the collection from which you want to create a bibliography; and select  Create Bibliography from Collection.

  • Choose a style, if not already selected, for the document and choose Add to Clipboard.

  • Paste the copied material into the Word document where you would like the bibliography.

  • Entries are single spaced and indented on the left side but can be edited as needed.