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PsycINFO Guide



PsycINFO is our primary database for finding journal articles or chapters of books in any psychology or counseling subject.

Accessing the Database

To access PsycINFO click on the Search Tools tab on the library's home page. Under "Research Tools," select "Online Resources."


From there, click on "Psychology" under subject area or "P" on the alphabetical listing of databases to navigate to PsychINFO. 






Off-Campus Login

From off campus, you will need to log in with your TIU username and password as shown in the image below. This is what you use to log into your Trinity email, myTIU, and Moodle. If you need help with your password, contact IT.


Searching PsycINFO

When you enter PsycINFO you will be at the Advanced Search screen. To begin, unless you are an experienced searcher, simply enter your subject word or words and then click on Search. If you are going to search for multiple words use the second field to enter the second word, as shown below, rather than entering all the words on the same line. We will be learning how to use the limiters on the Limiting Results page. Click on the image below to go to PsycINFO.

Understanding Results

Search Results

When we do the following search for bipolar disorder and cognitive behavior therapy:

We get a list of results as shown below with descriptions. Note that we got a total of 234 records in our search.

If you click on the linked title of the article you will come to the full record for that article. Here there are links for the authors, if you want to see what else is in PsycINFO by those authors, and there are links to the subjects, if you want to see what other related articles are in PsycINFO.

Below is a record for an individually authored chapter of a book.

Limiting Results

Limiting Before Searching

You can do a lot of limiting before you search, using the "Limit your results" options at the bottom of the search screen. Below I've limited my results to English only, full text, peer reviewed articles from the last ten years that are empirical studies done with an adolescent female population.

Limiting After Searching

After you search you will have some limiting options on the left side.

Getting Articles and Chapters

Getting Journal Articles and Book Chapters

Many journal article records in PsycINFO have the PDF or linked text of the article in the database. In this case you can just click the link to download the article. Please note there are no full text book chapters in PsycINFO.

If there is no full text link for the article, click on the Find It button to see if we have the print journal here.

The Rolfing Search search results will come up, as shown below. 


You can click the title of the journal to see if we have the print volume you need, as shown below. For the above article you would need volume 43 (2012), which we do not have. You would need to request the article through WorldShare, as shown below.

In the case of articles from journals we don't have or book chapters from books we don't have, click on the "Request through WorldShare" button.


Clicking the WorldShare link will take you to the WorldShare login screen:

Log in with your WorldShare username and password. The request form will come up filled in with the needed information and you can just click on the Submit button. If you need more help with WorldShare, see our page here. There is no charge for articles or book chapters obtained through WorldShare.

Video Tutorial

PsycInfo Tutorials