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Databases Help

Get your TIU username and password

To access library databases off-campus, use your TIU username and password.

TIU logins are created for TIU students, faculty, and staff and are used to access Trinity email, myTIU, Moodle, and the library databases.

You can obtain your account details in any of the three easy ways:

  1. Attend New Student Orientation where an IT employee will give you your personal username and password.
  2. Call 847-317-7036 
  3. Send an email to

​To authenticate your identification, you will need to include your:

  1. Full name
  2. Student ID number
  3. Birthdate
  4. Last 4 digits of your social security number

If you are not able to access the databases, but can access Moodle, myTIU, or your Trinity email, changing your password will usually fix this problem. If not contact IT directly through phone or email.

To change your password, you can go to:

You can view your Trinity email online at

Database not loading

EbscoHost databases occassionally have access problems. This usually only lasts a short while, so check back in about 30 minutes.

Your browser may remember the problem, so you may need to clear your browser cache and restart your browser. Instructions on clearing your cache.

Troubleshooting Access Problems

Due to licensing restrictions, only current members of the Trinity International Community may access these resources from off campus. If you are not, you are welcome to use these resources in the library, but we cannot grant off-campus access.

Username and Password not working? 
Make sure that you are you are entering your TIU network login correctly. 
If you don't know your Username/Password, visit the Get Your TIU Username/Password Page.

You may need to change your password.

Are you using your username and not your email address? 
When logging in, be sure to enter your TIU username (e.g. zrmille3), not your full email address.

Are you starting from a Bookmark? 
Be careful about saving databases as bookmarks, since you might save a URL that doesn't work from off-campus. The most reliable way is to connect through the library's website. 

Do I need to change my browser settings to get connected? 
Set your browser so that it accepts cookies. Both EZproxy and certain databases send cookies to verify that you are an authorized user. If you see an error message related to cookies, your browser might currently be set to disallow cookies. 

Set your browser so that JavaScript is enabled. If you can search a database and access articles, but images don’t display correctly, or parts of the database look strange, perhaps JavaScript has been disabled in your browser. 

Try clearing your browser cache. After clearing the cache, close out your browser, reopen it and try logging in again. 

Are you seeing "404 Error (Page not Found)" or "Server not Found"? 
These are common error messages that occur for a variety of reasons, and may or may not be related to EZproxy. Some possibilities:

  • An incorrect URL, outdated link or a missing page
  • Some aspect of your network is down or very busy

In some cases, these errors can be resolved simply by clicking the refresh button in your browser. 

Are you seeing an error message about a Hostname? 
You will get a Hostname Error page when you attempt to access a database that has not been set up for use by EZproxy 
To correct this error email and please note:

  • Name of the resource you were trying to access
  • The computer hostname line listed on the error page

Do you use a personal firewall? 
Personal firewalls can sometimes cause problems with EZproxy. Make an exception in your firewall and if that doesn't work try temporarily disabling the firewall. 

Are you using a filtering software?
Some web filtering services use their own DNS addresses (such as Try changing the DNS address to automatic.

Are you trying to connect from your place of work? 
Your workplace may be using a firewall or a proxy server for security reasons. You will need to contact your company’s IT staff for assistance. 

Why can I connect to most databases but not all of them? 
Some databases only permit a limited number of simultaneous users. If you cannot access one of these databases (Christian Periodicals Index, Grove Dictionary of Music, Historical Abstracts, or International Index to Music Periodicals), please try again later. 

Still having problems getting in from off campus? 
If you have tried all of the above options and are still having problems, please contact the Library Reference Desk at or 847-317-4001.

Search for Journals

Check if Rolfing Library has print or online access to a journal title.

Requesting Articles from Other Libraries

  • If we do not have a journal article you need in either print or electronic format, you may request a copy of that article through WorldShare.
  • There is no charge for journal articles.
  • Articles will be delivered in electronic format to your WorldShare account.
  • See the help page for WorldShare for more information.