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Citation & Formatting Help


  • TIU style is used by most of the programs at TEDS and TGS.
  • It is based on the Turabian/Chicago style.
  • Turabian has two styles: footnotes / bibliographies and parenthetical references / reference lists. Most TEDS programs use the footnotes / bibliographies style, except for the ICS, EDS, and DMin programs, which use parenthetical references / reference lists. Counseling uses APASee a full list of styles by department, and ask your professor for your particular class.

Working with the Template

Saving template

For help saving the TIU template on your computer for future use, see this guide or watch this video (2:15 min.)

Using pre-formatted headings

Make sure to use the pre-formatted headings available in the TIU template to ensure the proper formatting of your paper's headings.

Inserting paper into template

We recommend writing your paper in the template itself rather than inserting it into the template later.

However, if you have already written your paper in an unformatted document, follow these steps:

  • Turn on the Show/Hide feature to see the paragraph and section break marks.
  • Copy and paste from your paper into the template a section at a time, paying attention to the marks. Be careful not to copy certain marks, such as the page and section breaks.

Microsoft Word Formatting Help and Tutorials

*Note: Word 2010 is installed on the computers in the Carl Henry lab in the library.

Page numbers
Table of contents formatting
Merging separate PDF documents
Footnote formatting
General help