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Google Scholar Guide

About Google Scholar

Google Scholar is a simple way to broadly search for scholarly literature. You can search for peer-reviewed papers, theses, books, abstracts and articles. It is a good source to search in addition to the library databases.

Accessing Google Scholar

Google Scholar is available at

However, if you want to access full-text articles that the library has paid for, be sure to use the link to Google Scholar on the library website. You can find the link in the footer menu on the home page. Or just click here.

You will need to login using your TIU username and password.


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Advanced Google Search

You can do a simple search using the search box.

If you want more advanced search options, click the down arrow in the search box.

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You will then have different options, including searching by author, within a specific journal or by date.

Accessing online articles

After you search, you can look for links to fully online articles on the right side of the screen.

Some articles are freely available online. The subscriptions that Trinity pays for will say "Full text from TIU" or "[pdf] from"

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Finding Journals

If the full-text of the article is not linked within Google Scholar, search to see if it is available at our library.

Copy the title of the journal, which is listed below the article title.

Then search for the journal in the library catalog.

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Requesting Articles

If the journal is not available at Trinity's library, you can request a scan of the article from another library.

Read instructions on how to request a scan.

Accessing Books

You can read portions of some books online using Google Books. Just click on the title.

To get the full book, copy the title of the book.

Then search in the library catalog.

If TIU does not have the book, you can request it from another library using I-Share or WorldCat.

If you are a distance student, see options for accessing books.


"Cited by"

A useful feature is the "cited by" link. This shows you sources that have cited the source you are looking at. It can be used to find people who have responded to or continued that research.

Once you click on "cited by" you can also search within those sources.