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PaperCut - Printing and Copying

Learn how to use Trinity's PaperCut system for printing and copying.

Printing from a Library Computer

  • Print as you normally would in Word, PowerPoint, or other program.
  • Select the appropriate printer from the print dialog box:
    • Library Lobby printer:
      • Black & White: papercut\Library Lobby (1-sided: $0.07/page; 2-sided: $0.06/page)
    • Library Computer Lab printer:
      • Black & White: papercut\Library Lab BW (1-sided: $0.07/page; 2-sided: $0.06/page)
      • Color: papercut\Library Lab Color (1-sided: $0.25/page; 2-sided: $0.24/page)
  • Log in to your PaperCut account.

  • The default timeout is 1 minute. If you plan to print multiple jobs, you can change the timeout to 5 minutes or more.
  • A Print Job Notification box will pop up. Verify your print job and then click OK. Your print job will print immediately.


Printing from Your Device

  • Click Submit a Job.

  • Select your printer. There are several options for the library. "Library Lab" is the copier in the back of the library near the computer lab. "Library lobby" is in the front of the library. For both copiers, you can choose between 1 and 2-sided printing. For the lab copier, you can also choose black and white (BW) or color. Then click on Print Options and Account Selection.


  • Choose the number of copies to be printed and click on Upload Document.

  • Click the Choose File button, select your document, and click on Upload & Complete. Note the file types that are allowed.

  • Your print job will automatically print from the printer you have selected.