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Thesaurus Linguae Graecae (TLG)

Finding TLG Sources

TLG Canon:

  • The Thesaurus Linguae Graecae is built upon a canon of Greek literature sources. These sources can be found through a TLG search, or in the TLG Canon of Greek Authors and Works.
  • The TLG Canon is drawn from diverse sources, and we may not have all of them in print at Rolfing. When you find a source text, search the catalog for it, and request it from another library if necessary.
  • Many of the sources listed in the TLG Canon are older. If the source is in the public domain, it may be available online through a digitization project like Google Books or


Loeb Classical Library:

  • LOEB works contain both the original text as well as a convenient parallel English translation.
  • Many TLG sources can be found in the Loeb Classical Library- With locations provided by TLG (e.g., book and line), one can easily locate many passages in the LOEB collection.
  • The Loeb collection can be found in the reference section (Ref. PA3611 .A14 1931 – Ref. PA 6156 .V6 A26x 2000). See LOEB  or access the LOEB collection online.

Note on TLG's use of Latin:

  • While TLG is a database of Greek texts, all of the author names and titles of works are in Latin.
  • In order to find these works, it will be helpful to know their English equivalent.
  • If one is unfamiliar with Latin, sometimes Googling the Latin title sheds light on the English equivalent.