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Atla Religion Database Guide

Searching by Scripture Citation video

Searching for Biblical books with numbers - video

1. Searching by Scripture Passage

  • To search for articles on specific Bible passages, it's better not to use the Scriptures link. Instead, click on More, then click on the Indexes link. This allows for a more specified and controlled search.

Find "indexes" under "more"

  • Then choose "Bible Citation" from the drop down menu to the right of Browse an Index.

  • Next enter your Bible verse(s) in the Browse for field and click on the Browse button.

2. Choosing Passages from the List

  • From this list of results, you can check the box for your specific passage or additionally select any passage that overlaps with it (as is done below).
  • To the right of each passage is the number of records in the database that contain the specific passage.
  • After selecting your desired passages, click on the Add button.

3. Searching the List

  • Having clicked the Add button, passages have automatically been added to your search entry.
  • Now process the search by clicking on the Search button.