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Atla Religion Database Guide

Getting Full Texts video

Full Text PDF Available

  • Many journal article records in Atla have the full text PDF of the article available.
  • Click the PDF Full Text link to download the article.

Checking for Print Copy

  • If no full text PDF is available for the article, click on the Find It button to see if Trinity has a print copy available.

  • Rolfing Search search results will appear.
  • If searching for a journal article, click on the journal title link to see if the specific volume is available.

  • Journals are located in the periodicals collection and are organized alphabetically.

  • If the journal article is not available, you may request it through WorldShare.

Searching Chapters in a Book (aka Essays)

  • Atla calls an individually authored chapter in a book an essay.
  • Full text PDFs are never available for essays.
  • As with other records for which a full text PDF is unavailable, click on the Find It button to see if Trinity has a print copy available.
  • If not, request through WorldShare by clicking the Request through WorldShare button.

Requesting through WorldShare

1) Log in to your WorldShare account. 


2) Click on the "Create a Request" button



3) Complete the required fields, including your Trinity username (ex. zjsmith) and the "Need Before" date. 


4) Click "Submit Request." 

5) You will receive an e-mail letting you know that your article is available, and you will be able to access it through your WorldShare account.