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Library Policies

Policies and Information for the Rolfing Library at TIU

Building Policies

Cell Phones
Phone conversations are restricted to the foyer and social area. Please put your phone on silent or vibrate when entering the library so as not to disturb other people.

Rolfing Library welcomes children of all ages. However, for their safety and comfort as well as in recognition of the rights and privileges of other library patrons, parents are asked to observe the following:

  • Any child under the age of 13 must be supervised by a parent or caregiver* at all times while inside the library. The Library does not act in loco parentis (in place of the parents) and staff cannot take responsibility for monitoring the safety or behavior of unattended children.
  • If any child visiting the library experiences a problem and the parent or caregiver is not present in the building or cannot be reached by telephone, Campus Security will be contacted to take charge of the situation.
  • Rolfing Library strives to provide an atmosphere conducive to study and research and children are expected to use the library in a quiet, orderly manner just as we expect from all patrons. Loud, noisy or disruptive behavior is inappropriate and children, as well as the responsible adult, will be asked to leave if this type of behavior persists.
  • The Library is dedicated to providing all of our patrons with free and equal access to information. Parents who wish their children not to have access to certain types of materials should accompany their children to the library and monitor their use of its resources.

*A caregiver is defined as any individual 18 years of age or older who has been given the authority and responsibility to care for a child by the child's parent or legal guardian.

Family Room
A dedicated Family Room is located on the southeast side of the building (through the double doors near the checkout desk).

  • This room is intended for adult library patrons who are accompanied by children, and priority will be given accordingly. If you are using this room without children, you may be asked to leave.
  • Children must be accompanied and supervised by a caregiver at all times.
  • While this is a child-friendly area, please be mindful that it is still located within the library, and volume should be kept at an appropriate level.
  • This room should be left clean and orderly. Please place used books on the labeled return cart, and return toys and puzzles to their shelves.

Lactation Room
A dedicated lactation space is available for caregivers looking for a quiet place to feed their baby or pump in privacy. This space is located in the family room. Please alert the checkout desk if this room is in need of attention.

Closing Policy
At closing, all personal belongings left in the library will be placed in Lost and Found. Library materials will be reshelved. Closing procedures begin 20 minutes before stated closing times. At that time, materials to be checked out are to be brought to the Checkout Desk. Doors are locked promptly at stated closing times. 

Food and Drink
Food and drinks are allowed in Rolfing Library. Beverages are allowed in covered, spill-proof containers. It is the individual’s responsibility to throw away wrappers, containers, and other trash in trash receptacles. Report major spills to library staff immediately, so we can arrange for clean-up. In the event of damage from food or drink to library materials or equipment, costs may be assessed to the responsible patron.

All food and drink are restricted from the following areas:

  • Gleason Archer Archives
  • Tech Room
  • Computer lab

Care should be taken around other library equipment such as computers, microfilm reader/printers, scanners, etc. No coffeemakers or hotplates are allowed in the library. 

The library has two microwaves available for patron use, located in the social area and the Public Domain Cafe. Please be mindful of others, and do not leave food in the microwave once the cooking time has elapsed. Please clean any spills or mess created by your meal and alert library staff if further attention is needed.

Rolfing library is not responsible for any items left in the fridge available for patron use. Please clean up any spills immediately, and make sure to close the door completely. All items will be cleared from the refrigerator on Saturdays. Non-disposable food containers left in the fridge will be disposed of after one week in the lost and found located next to the fridge.

Inclement Weather
During inclement weather, please check our hours page for information on modified hours and closings. 

Noise Levels
The library has three designated volume levels. See our Building Map for specific location information.

  • Green - Social Area: Designated for collaboration, brief phone calls, or conversations. Please use inside voices.
  • Yellow - Quiet Study Area : Incidental noise and brief, whispered conversations.
  • Red - Silent Study Area: Distraction free environment. Talking is not permitted.

Please refrain from any activities that would be noisy or distracting to others, particularly in the yellow and red areas.

Laptops may be used anywhere in the library. Please do not alter or move power cords or surge protectors installed in the library. Please do not plug in laptops across aisles, where the cords can easily be tripped on. We strongly encourage you to never leave your electronics or other belongings unattended. The Library is not responsible for lost or stolen items. 

Pickup location
The library is not to be used as a place to leave items for pickup by someone else. The library staff assumes no responsibility for items left for others. This includes, but is not limited to, books, papers, backpacks, and laptop computers.

Building Services

Cassette Tape Players and Headphones
Cassette players and headphones may be checked out in two-hour blocks at the Circulation Counter for in-library use.

Internet Access
Most of the library is equipped with wireless access and no username or password is needed.  If you are having problems please contact the campus IT department.

Lost and Found
Personal items found abandoned in the library will be kept for one month in a cabinet at the front counter, and are donated after that point. Items of value such as cell phones, keys, and wallets will be kept in a secure place and the owners contacted if contact information is known. The Library is not responsible for personal items left unattended, including items left in study carrels. To minimize the risk of theft of personal belongings, do not leave any such items unattended in the Library. 

Microfilm/fiche Scanner
The microform scanner has the ability to edit images, and save to a flash drive or email. The monitor can also be adjusted for reading in portrait view which is helpful with viewing newspapers. The machine is located near the Women’s Room on the west side of the building. Ask a Reference Librarian for help using the scanner features.

Photocopiers are available for the convenience of students for printing and scanning to email. The cost is 7¢ per copy (black and white) or 25¢ per copy (color). See "Printing and Copying with Papercut"  for more information on printing or adding funds to your Papercut account.

Scanning Stations
The library has 2 stations available for scanning books and documents. These stations are free to use and scanned materials can be emailed, saved to a flash drive, or uploaded to your Google Drive. Scans can be made in black and white, grayscale, or color, and can be formatted as images, PDF files, or Word documents. Both stations are located across from the Reference Desk, near the printer/copier.

Study Rooms
Rooms may be reserved by scheduling an appointment through the room reservation google calendar. All food and drink policies apply in the group study rooms. See the Book a Room page for more information regarding room descriptions, the reservation process, and policies.

  • Four small group study rooms are available for students’ use on the south side of the main floor. These rooms are prioritized for group study; individuals may be asked to vacate the rooms.
  • The Solo Study Room, with a maximum capacity of two people, is designed for students needing accommodations to complete their studies. Any student can reserve this space, but students needing accommodations will be given priority for use of this room.
  • The Tech Room is designed for individuals or groups needing a place for technology based activities, such as practicing presentations, sharing computer screens, and/or conducting interviews over the internet.

Miscellaneous supplies, such as a paper cutter, stapler, and hole punch, are located by the photocopiers. A heavy-duty stapler is available upon request at the Circulation Counter.

Study Carrels
All doctoral students and masters students who are currently registered for a capstone project (comprehensive exams, thesis, or major paper) may reserve carrels on the lower level. If carrels are not available, a wait list will be instituted. See the Circulation Supervisor for reservation form and policies. 

A campus phone is located at the north end of the entrance lobby.