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Library Policies

Policies and Information for the Rolfing Library at TIU

Library Mission Statement

As the center for information at Trinity International University, the library fosters critical thinking and inquiry, preserves history relevant to the institution, and strengthens community, for the purpose of thoughtfully engaging God’s world.

Library Initiatives

Learning hub:  Establish the library as a hub for student learning outside the classroom. The building will provide a welcoming space that will meet different types of learning and research needs, including quiet personal study, collaborative learning, and communication of ideas.

Education:  Connect the library more closely to the educational process. Work with faculty to incorporate information literacy / research instruction into the curriculum to improve student research and prepare them for lifelong learning. Consider other ways the library can be integrated into classes.

High-quality collections:  Ensure the development of a high-quality collection of books, journals, databases, and media to meet the ongoing needs of the academic community.  The librarians will work closely with faculty to ensure the acquisition of the best possible resources to advance research, learning, and teaching. The library will facilitate access to resources that is effective and intuitive for discovery and use.

Heritage:  Preserve the artifacts of Trinity's heritage and other special collections in a climate-controlled archive.  The archive will utilize best practices and state-of-the-art technologies for preserving, processing, digitizing, publishing, and sharing manuscripts, rare books, and artifacts.