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Constitution Day


Constitution Day is observed on September 17th and celebrates the signing of the US Constitution on this date in 1787. It is a time to be thankful for the freedoms articulated in the Constitution and to be mindful of the work still to be done to form us into a more perfect union. The date is also a celebration of citizenship day, in recognition of ways in which immigrants and new citizens have strengthened and enriched our country. 

To learn more about the Constitution, you can stop by the display in the library, read one of the books on our Constitution Day reading list, learn more about some of these titles below, or go to some of the free resources listed on this page. 

Constitution Day Books

Free Online Constitution Day Resources

Images of the US Constitution 

  • See pictures of the original US Constitution from the National Archives

Constitution Day Remarks from National Archivist

  • A short video from the National Archivist on the importance of preserving the Constitution

Constitution of the United States: A History

  • Article from the National Archives providing the context and an overview of the US Constitution.    

Virtual Tour of Signers' Hall

  • Take a virtual tour of the Signers Hall at the National Constitution Center. 

The Signing of the Constitution by Louis S. Glanzman

Hanging in Independence Hall, Philadelphia, PA