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ProQuest - How to Submit Documents

Learn how to submit your document electronically to Proquest for inclusion in the Dissertations and Theses database.

a. Instructions

After creating your account, you will complete the publishing information. Initially you will come to this page which tells you what you will need to have available to complete the submission process.


b. Publishing Options

Now you will select your publishing options. Normally you will choose the Traditional Option, which is free. If you select the Open Access option, you will be responsible for paying the additional $95.00 fee. Trinity does not pay this.




PLEASE NOTE: You have the option of delaying release, or "embargoing" your dissertation. This means that it will not be publicly available in ProQuest for a certain period of time (you can designate 6 months, one year, or two years, and update this embargo later). Dissertations are embargoed because some publishers or book series will not publish revised dissertations that are available in ProQuest, or because the topic of the dissertation includes sensitive material.


c. Publishing Agreement

Next you will accept the non-exclusive publishing agreement with Proquest. You may not decline this. It is a non-exclusive agreement so you are free to publish with any other commercial or non-commercial publisher. You do retain copyright over your document.


d. Contact Information

Next you will complete the contact information form.