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Ebooks and Audiobooks


Ebook Central and EBSCO

Ebooks from Ebook Central and EBSCO are only available to people with a valid TIU login and password. This includes everyone except those with visitor library accounts.


Anyone with a valid library account is eligible to check out ebooks and audiobooks from OverDrive. This includes all extension sites, distance students, alumni, and visitor patrons. 


Checkout Periods

Ebook Central 

View ebooks online for an unlimited period. Some books have unlimited access, which means multiple people can view them at once. If a book is limited to one user, you will not be able to view it at the same time as someone else. For the glossary of eBook Central terms, please visit here.


Check out 6 items total (ebooks and audiobooks) for either 7 or 14 days for audiobooks, or 7, 14, or 21 days for ebooks.


View ebooks online for an unlimited period, or check out 6 ebooks total for 1-21 days (number of days selected at checkout).


Other ebooks in the collection are viewed online, and not checked out.

Returns and Renewals


It is possible to renew ebooks and audiobooks from OverDrive. See here for more instructions. Ebooks from the other platforms cannot be renewed.


The ebook and audiobook files automatically expire at the end of the check-out period, so there is no need to return the book. It is possible to return Overdrive ebooks and MP3 audiobooks early. See here for more instructions.

Borrowing from Other Libraries

Because of the nature of our licenses with publishers and distributers, it is not possible to borrow or lend ebooks or digital audiobooks from other libraries. This is true for all libraries in the United States. If our library does not have a particular ebook or audiobook, you will need to request a physical version through I-Share or WorldCat