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Free Resources During COVID-19 Crisis

Free publisher resources

Many publishers are temporarily providing free access to eBooks and other eContent during the COVID-19 crisis.

Free Biblical Sources

Links for Biblical Studies: Free access during Coronavirus

Africanus Journal - Published by the Africanus Guild at Gordon-Conwell, the Center for Urban Ministerial Education (CUME).

Bible Odyssey—A project of the Society of Biblical Literature, hosts more than three hundred articles, dozens of videos by scholars, and more.

Biblical Studies Online—Maintained by James Crossley and Deane Galbraith, with hundreds of videos of scholarly lectures and other resources. —Don’t forget this longstanding resource, which has lots of out-of-copyright articles and books available. Making Biblical Scholarship Accessible Since 2001.

The British Library’s EThOS E-theses Online Service—Provides access to British doctoral theses, free (with registration).

Cambridge University Press — Temporarily offline, but free access to textbooks (which they say should be restored soon) Textbooks | What We Publish

Crossway — Free access to ESV Biblical study resources.

Digi20 — Digital collection of the Bavarian State Library. Mostly Books in German and from all theological fields here. 

JSTOR—Free access to lots of journals JSTOR resources during COVID-19.

Ligonier Ministries—The online arm of R. C. Sproul’s ministry: lots of their resources available freely here.

Loeb Classical Library—Offering free access to institutions (check with your library). 

Logos Seminary Remote Learning Library—For students stuck at home and faculty desiring to equip those students, Logos is providing thousands of resources freely available through July 1: Faithlife | Seminary Remote Learning Library. Details of each resource are accessible by clicking the links below:

  • Lexham Press Master Collection (363 vols.): This is the entire library to date from Lexham Press, including commentary series like the Evangelical Exegetical Commentary Series and the Osborne New Testament Commentary Series.
  • Classic Scholarship Collection (1,211 vols.): We’ve pulled together hundreds of works from the most trusted Christian authors and teachers of all time: Augustine, Aquinas, Calvin, John Wesley, Charles Spurgeon, and more.
  • Logos Mobile Education Courses: Help your students learn from top Bible scholars with access to our full catalog of online courses, including video lectures, transcripts, and activities to keep them learning wherever they are.
  • Galaxie’s Theological Journal Library (900+ vols.): Encompassing over 170 years of academic research, these journals represent the finest evangelical scholarship, analyzing current scholarly debates and making it possible to participate in the cutting edge of biblical and theological research.
  • International Critical Commentary Series (62 vols.): The ICC has long held a special place among works on the Bible. It brings together all the relevant aids to exegesis: linguistic and textual, archaeological, historical, literary, and theological, with a comprehensiveness and quality of scholarship unmatched by any other series.

Mohr Siebeck Made some of their journal content and some of the WUNT II series of monographs freely available—here’s a list.

NT Gateway—Annotated guide to academic New Testament Web resources including not only other web sites, but articles and course materials. 

NTWrightPage—Articles by N. T. Wright 

Oxford Biblical Studies Online—Thousands of reference articles drawn from Oxford University Press’s major print publications and much more; some accessible for free, some requiring an individual or institutional subscription:

Project Muse—Lots of books and journals Project MUSE.

Resource Pages for Biblical Studies—Focuses on the early Christian writings and their social world, with many links to texts, electronically published scholarly work, and more, from Prof. Torrey Seland.

Sage Publishing—Making lots of books and journals available freely Open resources to help universities teach online.

The Text This Week—Lectionary-oriented compilation of sermons, exegetical articles, art, hymns, and more, from Jenee Woodard. 

Tyndale House Cambridge Online Resources—Greek and Hebrew fonts and keyboards, many sites and sources for biblical studies and theology, bibliography databases and catalogs for online reading, commercial and free Bible software, lexicons, Bible translations, etc. 

Zondervan Academic are offering video lectures for free until 30 June, and also access to online textbooks for students who are without print copies. Here are details from an email from Stan Gundry:

1. We always offer free Textbook Plus resources for over 60 Zondervan Academic textbooks. For many books, you can download instructor manuals, editable PowerPoint slide decks, sample syllabi, quizzes, and other teaching resources. To request these materials, please visit our TextbookPlus Instructor Resources website or contact Matthew Miller at 

2. We have decided to provide free digital copies of Zondervan Academic textbooks to students who no longer have access to physical books they purchased because of sudden campus closures.Access will be provided through Zondervan Academic Online Courses for three months to these students. Zondervan Academic Online Courses include digital textbook access, video lectures from authors, review tools, assessments, and more, all hosted on an easy-to-use platform from Biblemesh. To get free access for your students, please contact Joshua Kessler at . (We apologize that, due to demand, we are unable to offer the normal level of customization for these free courses.)

3. We have decided to make all video lectures free for three months for instructors. These videos are available for free streaming on our MasterLectures platform, which hosts thousands of video lectures filmed by Zondervan Academic authors based on their textbooks. Within the next few days, this platform will also include access to more than 40 CourseGuides. These CourseGuides contain review questions, key points in each lecture, review exercises, and more. If you would like free access to MasterLectures through June 30, 2020, please contact Kent Hendricks at 

If there are other ways we can assist you, please let us know. At this time, some of our employees are already working at home, and if the day comes that our building is closed until the worst of this crisis is over, you may rest assured that all of us are equipped to work remotely and we will be available by both email and phone. 

Thank you for allowing us to partner with you in the important work you are doing during this uncertain time. 

On behalf of all of us at Zondervan Academic, Stanley N. Gundry


Always Free eResources

Much of the content in this box was provided by Georgetown College.

COVID-19 Resources