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Bible and Theology Resources

Welcome to the Bible and Theology Research Guide



Welcome to the Bible and Theology Research guide! The purpose of this guide is not to have an exhaustive list of works in a field, but rather to introduce and connect you with some quality resources in Bible and theological studies. A few things to note: 

  • To learn more about a resource, hover over "info" icon next to the title to read a publisher's description - 
  • Many of these resources are available as an ebook. If they are not, and you are a distance student, you can request a scan of an entry in a dictionary or a chapter in a book. For more information and instructions, go to If you would like to search just our Bible and theology resources available online, go to
  • If you have any questions or feel like you are stuck, please reach out to us by email (, phone (847-317-4001), or chat (located at the bottom right of your screen). 

Blessings on your research, studying, and writing! 

Types of Resources

Here are some of the types of reference tools you will find in this guide: 

  • Atlases - maps and descriptions of Biblical places. 

  • Commentaries - a verse-by-verse and passage-by-passage explanation of Scripture. Some will cover the entire Bible, but most will focus on a specific book of the Bible. 

  • Dictionaries - an alphabetical enumeration and description of terms and ideas. Some of these have a list of books and articles at the end of each entry for further research. Please note that the entries for most of the dictionaries in this guide are longer than a standard English dictionary entry and are more like an encyclopedia article. 

  • Lexicons - a dictionary of a particular group of writings or author. Many dictionaries of Hebrew and Greek words are called lexicons because they specifically focus on the books of the Old Testament and the New Testament.   

  • Systematic Theologies - a logical and orderly summary of what the Bible teaches on a particular topic. 




Atla is the primary database to search for articles on the Bible, theology, missions, church history, and ministry. The video below explains how to search for Scripture citations in Atla. This video is also available in Korean and Spanish



Three Methods To Search For Biblical Scripture Citations from Atla on Vimeo.