Study Rooms

How to Reserve a Study Room


  • Click on the button above; this will take you to the LibCal room reservation system.
  • Find the appropriate date and time by using the scrollbar at the bottom of the booking grid and/or the "Go to Date" and arrow buttons at the top of the grid.
  • Click on the appropriate grid square to set your reservation start time.
  • The reservation will default to 30 minutes. To make your reservation slot longer, change the end time using the dropdown menu below the grid. Please do not make separate reservations for each 30-minute slot.
  • To delete an in-process reservation, click on the trash can icon beside the dropdown menu.
  • When you have the appropriate time and duration, press the Submit Times button.
  • Enter your name and your email address, press Submit My Booking, and you're done!


Study Room Rules

  • Study rooms are intended for students for academic use.
  • 3.5 hour time limit per reservation.
  • 1 reservation per day, per person
  • If room is not reserved, you may stay longer than 3.5 hours, but you need to promptly vacate the room when the next reservation arrives
  • You may not use the room without first reserving it through the room reservation system.
  • If your reservation has ended, and your belongings are still in the room but you are not, all items will be removed to the lost and found.
  • If you have not arrived within 15 minutes of your scheduled reservation time, your reservation is forfeited. Other users who wish to use the room may do so until the end of your current reservation. These users should check in at the circulation desk, and may use the room until the end of that reservation period.
  • Study Rooms are considered to be part of the social area of the library; sound can and will carry in from outside the room.
  • Study Room 6 is prioritized for groups or individuals using the provided technology for academic purposes. No food or beverages are permitted in Study Room 6.
  • Library staff reserve the right to cancel reservations in conflict with any of these policies, and staff decisions will be final.

Sound Mitigation

Outside sounds too distracting?

Check out a white noise machine or headphones from the Library Services Desk!

Study Rooms Map