Mission Statement

Mission Statement 

The Mission of the Gleason Archer Archives is to provide access for research scholars and TIU faculty, staff, and students who want to learn more about the school's history, or its founding denomination, the Evangelical Free Church of America (EFCA).

Since we do not currently have an archivist, a large portion of our Archives remains unprocessed. Therefore, we cannot guarantee the success of locating every item.



Archival material may not leave the Archives. The only exceptions are made for material a patron wants to scan.


Since we do not have our own scanner in the Archives, material may be taken upstairs to be  scanned. This needs to be done under the supervision of the Reference staff, using the scanners by the Reference Desk.


Patrons are encouraged to take digital pictures of material, subject to U.S. copyright law.


History of the Archives

The Gleason Archer Archives was founded in 2005, with a gift from the Gleason Archer estate, for the renovation of the Archives area.  Dr. Archer had maintained an office space in the former archives room.  That room housed the Rare Book Collection, Wilbur Smith Collection, TEDS Archives (including the Trinity Authors Collection), Swedish Book Collection, EFCA Archives, and various parts of Administrative archives material.  The outer rooms contained Serials Collections, TIU Advancement (pictures and slides), and other miscellaneous items.  Most of this material still remains in an unprocessed state in the Archives Stack Room.

The Archer gift provided for an entire renovation and furnishing of the existing space with research tables and an Archival stack room.  This allowed for a complete resorting of all Archival and Special Collections material. During this time, the Norwegian Collection was donated to TIU by interested persons.  This collection was processed and is available for scholars to use.

The initial sorting of the bulk of the special collections and archives took place in the summer of 2006, the second occurred in the summer of 2011. The processing of the Special Collection material started with the Carl F. H. Henry collection and is still on-going.  In 2014, David M. Gustfason sorted the Swedish collection.  At this time, the decision was made to move the EFCA church files to the EFCA Headquarters archives in Minneapolis.