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This tutorial shows one through how to save the TIU style template to one one's computer as a template so that it can be repeatedly accessed through Mircosoft Word and used for future projects.

1. Save the file

Having clicked on one of the above links, you should be prompted to save the file. Do so. Save it somewhere on your computer where it can be stored temporarily. (Once you have finished saving the document as a template, this file will no longer be need and can be deleted.) We recommend saving it somewhere you will remember, like your desktop. (Although we will eventually be saving this file as a template, at this point you can just save the file as a document.)

3. Open the file

Locate the file (in our case, it is on the desktop) and open it.

4a. Save the file as a template

  • With the file now open, click the Mircosoft Office button in the top left corner of Microsoft Word.
  • Then click the tab (indicated by an arrow pointing right) on the furthest right hand portion of the Save As option.
  • And, finally, select Word Template.

4b. Save the file as a template

Save the file in the Templates folder under Microsoft WordBe sure to save the file in this folder.

5. Accessing your template

Now you can access this template at any time.

  • From the Mircosoft Office button, open a new document by selecting New.

  • Next, select My templates.

  • And finally, select your desired template, in this case, Template_Humanities Class Paper.