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Distance Student Services

Introduction to resources for distance students

Policies for Distance Students

Who can request books from the Rolfing collection?

  • Current faculty, staff, and students at Illinois extension sites, including current Deerfield campus students outside a 60-mile radius of campus and those who are finishing their theses, dissertations, or DMin projects remotely.

Who can request articles from the Rolfing collection?

  • All who can request books
  • Current students living internationally (articles are delivered via WorldShare)

Who cannot use Distance Student Services?

  • Students, faculty and staff of the Florida Regional Centers and Trinity Law School in California (each center has an on-site library). 

Steps to take before requesting an item

  • Check out your local library's interlibrary loaning policies - it is usually cheaper and faster.
  • Students must be paying tuition, audit or continuation fees.
  • Make sure you have access to your WorldShare account for receiving articles.
  • Students not having an WorldShare account must create a new account. 


  • A maximum of 10 books may be requested per week.
  • The loan period is based on your patron group. (For more information, see Borrowing Policies.)
  • All books from Rolfing Library except reference books may be requested. (Scans of sections from reference books may be requested.)
  • Books will be mailed via cheapest route (FedEx or USPS)
  • Patron is responsible for postage costs both directions.
  • For step-by-step requesting instructions, see the WorldShare requesting books page


  • All articles will be sent to the patron's WorldShare account.
  • A maximum of 10 articles may be requested per week.
  • For step-by-step article request instructions, see the Article Request page.

What if I am located Overseas?

You may still request Journal articles, since they are delivered online via WorldShare, but we cannot ship books overseas.

All articles will need to be opened in Adobe® Reader®, so you will need that software loaded on your computer.


  • All charges will be posted to your library patron account.
  • Charges of over $2.00 will be sent to the TIU Business Office each month to be added to your student account.

Lost Books

  • You are responsible for the book from the moment it leaves our library. When books that you have requested are lost in the mail you will be charged for the cost of the book - we recommend that you purchase insurance for the package and/or track the package if possible.