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Books for grades K-12 by Subject

How to use this guide.

Choose a tab related to your area of interest.  Since reading levels can overlap the given grade categories, some books are listed in both K-3 and 4-6.  Also books for a lower level could still be helpful in a higher grade.

These books are either in the Children's Collection (books for children) or in the Main collection (Young Adult books).  The Children's Collection books have a location of JUV, which stands for Juvenile Collection.  They are located across from the Circulation Desk near the front of the library.

The Young Adult books are shelved in the Main Collection, which is also their location in TrinCat.  These books generally start with the call number of PZ 3 or 4 and are fiction books suitable for Young Adults.

All books can be found in TrinCat, where you can search by author or title.  This will also alert you to the fact that a particular title is checked out.

This is not a comprehensive list.  It is based on recommended books for assignments in Education or Children's Literature classes.