Recovering Your Ebook Central Bookshelf

The library will transition ProQuest Ebook Central to a new authentication system on Jan. 4, 2022. This means that you will have a new bookshelf. However, you can retrieve your previous bookshelf:

Before Jan. 4:

  • Follow these steps to save your current username:
    • Log into ProQuest eBook Central.
    • Go to Settings > Profile.
    • Copy and save what you see under the email/username field.

After Jan. 4:

  • To retrieve your previous bookshelf, submit a case to ProQuest Ebook Support.
  • Include your new Ebook Central username (follow instructions above).
  • If you know your old username include that. If not, you can include some book titles saved to your previous bookshelf to help them make the match.
  • Note that it may take a couple weeks for them to restore your old bookshelf.

Questions? Contact Rolfing Library reference at or 847-317-4001.