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Writing Help

APA Style

The Leadership program uses the APA style for citations.

Writing resources for TEDS/TGS students 

Help on all stages of the writing process, including organization, thesis statements, research, citation, and grammar.

Paper Templates

Here are some template samples on how to format papers.

Overview of distance student services

The library provides access to thousands of online resources for distance students:

  • Search and read the full-text of ebooks.
  • Consult online reference books, including Bible dictionaries, commentaries, lexicons and atlases.
  • Search in over 60 different subject databases for journal articles on your topic.
  • Use online media, including audiobooks, streaming videos and music.

The library will also provide access to printed books and journals

  • You can request scans of journal article and sections of books from Trinity's library and libraries around the world. This means you can access nearly any journal article you need.
  • Use local theological libraries that participate in Atla reciprocal borrowing.
  • If you are unable to access a print book at a nearby library, the Rolfing library will mail you a book.


Research Demographics

Helpful websites