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Information of the Journals at Rolfing Library

Journals - Introduction

What is a scholarly journal?

A scholarly journal, or an academic journal, is a publication written by researchers or scholars in the field of the subject. Articles in these journals are often peer-reviewed, which means the writing is scrutinized by others who are experts in the same field before publication in order to ensure academic scientific quality.  Scholarly journal articles always have notation and bibliography.

Scholarly Journals vs. Popular Magazines

  Scholarly Journals (also called Academic Journals) Popular Magazines / Newspaper
Appearance Serious, may contain graphs or charts. No glossy pages or photographs. Few or no advertisements. Usually printed with plenty of photos and illustrations, and often include advertisement.
Audience Scholars, researchers, and students General public
Authors Scholars, researchers, or experts in the field with credentials Journalists, professional writers
Bibliography Cited sources or bibliography must be included Rarely
Purpose Report or review of original research for an academic subject Providing general information
Publication Procedure "Peer-review" process (Reviewed by other scholars in the field before being published) Articles written by professional writers, edited by the magazine or newspaper editors