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Helpful Databases

These databases may also contain helpful resources for art research. For a complete list of our databases, click here.

Art and Design Journals

These journals will be most helpful for graphic design research.

Art Bulletin

Art Journal

Journal of Design History

Helpful Websites

Art Resources

This database is the largest online database of architecture and architects, numbering 24,000 entries. Each entry contains basic information about a particular person or building and includes links to other online resources, such as Encyclopedia Britannica and Wikipedia.
A handy reference tool for scholars, art dealers, and collectors, Artnet provides information about the fine arts market. The website includes an online gallery, a price database, and artist profiles that provide up-to-date information on contemporary artists and recent auctions.
The BHA, published by the Getty Research Institute, is the world's most comprehensive bibliography of scholarly writing about the history of western art. The database contains bibliographic records from over 1200 international journals and available free of charge.
The Getty Research Institute maintains these authoritative reference tools for visual resources catalogers and indexers. The three Vocabularies, which together number almost two million records, include the Art & Architecture Thesaurus (AAT), the Getty Thesaurus of Geographic Names (TGN), and the Union List of Artist Names (ULAN).
A chronological, geographical, and thematic presentation of art history. This comprehensive resource includes art historical essays, timelines, maps, and an image database.
JSTOR, an online archive of over 150 academic journals, is one of the primary online resources for peer-reviewed articles about art and architectural history. This subscription database is easy to navigate and includes articles dating from the nineteenth century to the early twenty-first century.
This essential website offers access to the encyclopedic knowledge contained in Grove Art Online, The Oxford Companion to Western Art, The Encyclopedia of Aesthetics, and The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Art Terms. It provides detailed information about all subjects of art history, in addition to critical bibliographic citations, digital images and image links, and advanced search features.

Image Collections

Online Image Collections


Getty Images

Google Images

NGA Images

NGA Images is a repository of digital images of the collections of the National Gallery of Art.

New York Public Library Digital Collections

This site is a living database with new materials added every day, featuring prints, photographs, maps, manuscripts, streaming video, and more.

Saskia Art Images Collection

This collection contains 30,000 digital images of paintings, sculpture and architecture, including images from many important collections: the Prado, the Kunsthistorisches Museum, the Uffizi, and the Louvre as well as archeological sites in Greece, Italy, Turkey and Egypt.

Professional Resources

Freelance & Career Resources