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Example Annotated Bibliographies


McKee, G. (2007). The gospel according to science fiction: From the Twilight Zone to the final frontier. London: Westminster John Knox Press.

This book looks at how theology shows up in science fiction. It’s not written by a scholar, but it has some good descriptions of science fiction tv, books and movies that have theological elements. I’ll use this to identify some sources I can analyze myself.

Journal article

Martinez, J. A. (2004, March). Review: Technology and theology (or lack thereof). Science Fiction Studies, 31(1), 132-137. Retrieved from

This article reviews the book Representations of the Post/Human by Elaine L. Graham, and complains that she does not discuss the related theology enough. This probably won’t be useful for my research paper, but maybe I could get the book he discusses.

Essay in a book

MacWilliams, A. B. (2011). Science playing God. In J. McGrath (Ed.), Religion and science fiction (pp. 80-94). Eugene, OR: Pickwick.

This essay looks at how science has stepped into the realm of religion, answering questions and providing hope that religion used to provide. It seems fairly scholarly, and it is exactly on the topic of my research paper.


Elliot. (2007). Claw of the conciliator: A case of consilience. Retrieved February 2, 2009 from

A blog post analyzing the short story “A case of consilience” by Ken MacLeod. The author and a poster speculate on why the author as an atheist would write a story so positive toward religion. It’s definitely not scholarly, and I don’t think I will use it for my paper, but it is interesting to see someone else’s perspective on the story.