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Online Faculty Teaching Resources

Finding Books

Your students can access online e-books and audiobooks.

The best way to get print books is for them to find the books at a local library near where they live. Their public library may be able to do interlibrary loan and request books they need from other libraries. If for some reason that does not work, they can request books from the Trinity library. They are responsible for postage costs to return the books. They can also request scanned entries from reference books or specific chapters from a book. 

Instructions on requesting books

Finding Journal Articles

Trinity students can search for articles in over 30,000 online journals through the library databases. Students will log in with their TIU Network (not TriNet) username and password. Get your TIU username and password.

When they are searching, they should look for the check box that will allow them to search just full-text articles.

If an article is not available online, students can request scans of articles from Rolfing Library or other libraries. 


WorldShare is our system that allows your students to request journal articles that are not available full text online, whether from our journals here or from other libraries if we do not have the journal. There is no charge for this and articles will be delivered electronically to their WorldShare account. Your students may use WorldShare also to request books from our library or free pdf scans of chapters of books or articles from encyclopedias or dictionaries.

Guide to Distance Student Services