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Political Science

International Organizations

Amnesty International - Full text information on human rights violations worldwide
Europa - Home page for the European Union
Foreign Government Resources on the Web

International Organizations - University of Michigan Telling America's Story - US. Department of State portal to information about American foreign policy and American culture.
International Monetary Fund (IMF) - Relates the activities of the IMF and provides access to some IMF publications
Nations of the World - from the Law Library of Congress, includes a country's constitution, information about its branches of government, and reports on it from organizations like Amnesty International
Political Resources on the Net - Links to political websites worldwide
Population Reference Bureau - Statistics, articles and reports on topics such as poverty, education, health, and race.
Data Sheets - comprehensive data sheets covering population, health, and environment topics
United Nations
Home page for the UN
A statistical service of the UN; supports statistical comparisons of member nations
UN Full-Text Documentation
Provides access to electronic editions of selected UN publications
UN Chronicle
World Bank - Provides statistics and research reports, many full-text, on economic issues in developing countries
World Health Organization - News and publications related to health around the world, including disease outbreaks, traveller's health, and the World Health Report
World Trade Organization - Organization dealing with the rules of trade between nations. Includes legal texts of agreements and information on issues covered by the agreements


Regional groups

Archive of European Integration - Research materials related to European integration
Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) - Information on member countries and cooperation
EuroInternet - Provides resources on the integration of Europe, particularly in relation to the European Union
North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO)