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Media Collections

Includes the Film, Streaming Media, Audiobook, and Music collections.

Publishers that include Public Performance Rights

  • Films Media Group/Films for the Humanities and Sciences
  • Women Make Movies
  • Icarus Films
  • Media Education Foundation

For a complete list contact the library at:

Licensing Agencies for Public Showings

Copyright and Film

  • The library mostly purchases films for home use only, which means anyone who checks it out can watch it at home, or with a small group in a private setting.
  • These films cannot legally be shown to an unrestricted group or in a public access setting. 
  • Any film can be shown in a classroom to registered students of the class, as long as it directly supports the curriculum.
  • Any public performance of a film without a public performance license is illegal according to Federal copyright law.

Public Performance Rights

What is Public Performance?

  • Public performance includes any showing of the film to the public or student body outside a private setting or as part of a course.

  • Any showing with unrestricted access.
  • Any showing in a public space, including common spaces of dorms, student centers, libraries, etc.
  • Any showing that includes people outside a circle of family and acquaintences.


  • Some films in the library are purchased with a public performance license, these are usually specialized documentaries from specific publishers.
  • Rights included vary according to publisher, but at the least they allow public showings to students, faculty, and staff, as long as no admission is charged.
  • Usually, showing the film online is still restricted.
  • For a detailed list of what films are included and what rights are granted, please contact the library.
  • Some film publishers that include public performance rights with their films are listed at the left. 

What if the film you want is not available for public performance at the library?

  • Outside licensing agencies allow for the purchase of limited time public performance licenses for most films.
  • A non-exhaustive list is included at the left.