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New Testament

Most Helpful Databases

These databases will be most helpful for New Testament research. Journal articles and essays (book chapters) can be found searching these.

Other Helpful Databases

These databases may be helpful, but are not a beginning place for New Testament research. For a complete list of our databases, click here.

Articles versus Essays?

Q. What's the difference between articles and essays?

A. They are in essence the same. The difference is where they are published. Articles are published in journals while essays are individually authored chapters of edited books. In ATLA they are distinguished by looking at publication type, either article or essay. For an article the source will be a journal title whereas the source for an essay will be a book title. ATLA has many full text articles, but no full text essays. You will need to search Rolfing Search to find a copy of the book in which the essay is published.

Accessing databases from off-campus

From off-campus, log-in to the databases using your TIU username and password. (This is what you use to log into your Trinity email, myTIU, and Moodle.)

If you are having trouble logging in, see the login help page.