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Zotero allows you to organize your records into folders and sub-folders called collections and subcollections. You can create as many collections and subcollections as you want. For example, before you start downloading Zotero records for a research project, you may decide to create a collection for that project.


* Click on picture for larger image.

Creating Collections

  • To create a collection, click on the folder image with the green plus sign in the upperleft corner of Zotero.

  • Enter the name of the collection and click on OK.

  • You will see your new collection show up under My Library.

  • New Zotero records will be contained in whichever collection is currently selected (highlighted). These collections are called sub-collections because they are collections subordinate to another collection.
  • However, after a collection has been created, one may move it into or out of preexisting collections.