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Health Sciences

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Citing online videos

Below the video, click on "cite", to get a list of correct citation formats. 

If AMA is not included on the list - follow this example:

Examination of the Knee. Healthy Learning, 2010. Sports Medicine and Exercise Science in Video. Web. 4 Nov. 2014. <>. 

Below the video, click on "embed/link" to get a permanent link to use in Powerpoint or class presentation.


  1. Searchable Transcripts
    All Alexander Street Press videos come with searchable transcripts, so that you not only find videos that deal with your topic briefly, but jump right to relevant parts of the video.
  2. Create Clips
    You can easily create a clip of any video, making it easy to excerpt videos for use in the classroom.
  3. Mobile Access
  4. Watch Alexander Street Press Videos on your mobile device.
  5. Jump Straight from Transcript to Video
    The transcripts are hyperlinked to corresponding sections of the video, so that you can click on any sentence in the transcript and start watching the video from that point seamlessly.
  6. Cite Permanent Links
    Alexander Street Press provides the ability to link permanently to both full videos and user created clips, making it easy to point other users back to the video in a citation.
  7. Create Playlists
    Create playlists of clips and videos and share them with other users.