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Church History

Guide to Church History resources provided by the Rolfing Library

Microfilm / Microfiche Reader/Scanner

The Rolfing Library has a new (2015) microfilm / fiche reader and scanner.  You can scan with computer software that allows you to manipulate the image and save it a number of different ways.  So if you are using our collections, or getting something through Interlibrary Loan, there is now an up-to-date way of viewing and saving microfilm images.

Microfilm Collections

Church History microfilm

Early English Books

From the first book published in English through the age of Spenser and Shakespeare (ending in 1700), this collection contains over 100,000 titles covering many subject areas including: theology, history, English literature,  philosophy, linguistics, music, fine arts, education, mathematics, and science.

Guide to using Early English Books


Eighteenth Century Microfilm

This collection contains religion and philosophy titles printed in Great Britain and its colonies or printed in English elsewhere between 1701 and 1800.